Call Center Outsourcing Experts – The Beginning

March 1, 2006
My name is James. I’ve been in the outsourcing business for over 5 years. Specifically involved in call center outsourcing for the last 2. I’ve teamed up with outsourcing Guru’s from around the world to help clients outsource honestly and professionally. 

I’m building my own call center “empire” out here in the Philippines. In fact as I sit in my chair writing this I face out towards Emerald Avenue, here in Ortigas Center. I’m based in Manila, Philippines right now. It’s another beautiful day.

Because when it’s day time in the US, its dark over here. I work some pretty weird hours.


  • Inbound: Customer Service
  • Outbound: Lead Generation and Appointment Setting
    For more info on these visit our Philippines Call Center web site.

And even..

I’ll ask them to post their regular updates about the industry here. I’ll also be setting up a forum to include your feedback. The idea is to ask us anything and we’ll supply you with the answers in our next blog post. There’s lots of questions regarding outsourcing and I’d like to create a strong community theme here for anyone considering outsourcing. So for now feel free to leave your comments or email with questions and I’ll add you to the newsletter (At the Global Sky web site) and answer your questions publicly – with your permission of course.